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Fine-tune your Rebalance nutrition plan & make it bespoke uniquely to meet your needs and goals.

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This course is designed to help you fine tune your own Rebalance nutrition plan. It contains all the information and tools to help you

  • identify your own individual micro-nutrient requirements

  • tap into the wisdom inherent in traditional Chinese dietetics

It sits in the family of Rebalance courses all written to provide effective guidance and support for anyone affected by diet-related chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardio vascular or heart disease etc. 

It will help anyone interested in healthy eating or healthy weight loss.

My videos have been professionally produced, filmed and edited to bring you a quality learning experience, and are accompanied by relevant downloadable materials, including an entire chapter excerpted from Elaine Wilson's book 'the 6 diet'.

You'll learn more about your own nutritional requirements and exactly how to source minerals and vitamins to maximise the benefits you can achieve through your Rebalance nutrition plan. You'll be provided with my specially designed questionnaires to help you assess your own needs, and nutritional tables to access your ideal solutions.

The Rebalance approach has helped many people successfully gain control of their health, lose excess body fat, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, improve other health markers and look and feel better with more energy and vitality. If these are the results you're looking for this is a must for you.

Course Curriculum

Medical disclaimer
About this course
Introduction to traditional Chinese dietetics
Reading material: Traditional Chinese Dietetics
A personal experience of traditional Chinese dietetics
China Trip Video: Weight loss Chinese style
China Trip Video: Go nuts!
Chinese plum juice
Questionnaire: Traditional Chinese Dietetics
Homework for this section
Warning about vitamins - please read
Introduction to vitamins
Explaining the vitamin tables
Fat soluble vitamins
Water soluble vitamins
Homework for this section
Questionnaire: Micronutrient deficiency
Introduction to minerals
Table of minerals
Homework for this section - plus a handy tip!
Introduction to antioxidants
Sources of antioxidants
Homework for this section

Elaine Wilson